Friday, February 27, 2009

It's about time

February has been a doozy of a month for us. In January Eric had 2 colds, I think. On Jan. 31 Ethan had a terrible earache which prompted a Sat. visit to our Dr. I am so glad they are open on Sat. We left there with the first shot in the hiney that our kids have had...poor little guy, and then we were off to the store to have his prescriptions filled. I started coughing that Friday and on Tuesday I had lost a bunch of sleep from the coughing and was running fever so Eric called and got me in that day. I left there with my first ever hiney shot, a diagnosis of walking pneumonia, paid the bill (which guess what, I had a balance so it was way more than usual) and was off to have my prescriptions filled. BIG $$$ there. By this time we have spent 3 times our budgeted amount for random sicknesses. I finished up my 10-day round of antibiotics about 3 days before my wisdom teeth were removed this past Monday. I was in the bed til Wed. and just today consider myself to be pretty much pain long as I'm taking motrin. I don't like the feeling of having these holes in my mouth and am neurotic about food getting stuck in there---gross. And so of course yesterday Isaac had fever and so he stayed home from school and was off to the Dr where he has a touch of my pneumonia (he didn't get to sleep tonight till almost 11 due to the cough). Luckily he didn't have to get a hiney shot but is on antibiotics More $$$, we're over our med budget 4 times now. Whew! No one is allowed to get sick next month, we do need dentist appts though. Alas, it never ends. So woe is me!!! Kidding, I'm not trying to dwell on all that, I have just noticed the toll it is taking though. I'm ready for health.

Isaac's last b-ball game was tonight and he did great. I'd say on the whole, his team wasn't terribly aggressive but they were very dedicated. Isaac really came into his own learning to rebound. He and one other boy on his team were about the same size and they stood head and shoulders above just about every other kid on the court. It was great to watch him be successful in Upward. It has been a great experience. We're on to baseball that starts in mid-march which he loved last year.

Some of you on facebook know that I put a status update out there a couple of weeks ago that I would be deactivating my page at the end of the month. I still plan to do that, it just may not get done tomorrow because there's a lot planned for the day. I still feel pretty committed to doing it. I am planning on emailing all those fb friends referring them here and giving them my regular email address. I'm real good at email and find that it doesn't take my time like fb has.
I plan on posting some recent pictures in the upcoming week. I'm sure those of you who have checked my blog in the past 3 weeks have wondered where I've been and you may have forgotten what my kids look like. Well, we can't have that so I'll post pictures soon.
Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone.
God Bless

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Sometimes I see my children as extensions of myself. That can be very gratifying and also very frustrating. When they do something good or say a kind word (with actions and words I have taught them) I swell with pride and feel like they have passed my love and kindness on to another. When they do something mean or rude (with actions and words they have probably heard from me) I cringe inside, feeling as if I have been the one to lash out.

But then there are times when they do something so independent of me; they act or speak in a way that is their own, in a way that I wouldn't have done, and it it makes me marvel at the real person they are. They ARE. Separate from me but forever a part of me. It makes me stand in awe of their Creator, knowing that He is my own. It makes me wonder what He knows about my children, that I can never know. It makes me feel, just a tiny glimpse, of what He feels when His children pass on His love. I wonder if we ever surprise Him by doing something so independent or unexpected that He sits back and marvels at us all over again.

I remember when Isaac was a baby, a tiny baby, holding his tiny hand while he slept in his crib. I remember thinking that I love him SO much. Then the thought came that God loves him SO MUCH MORE than I do. Right on the heels of that Deep Thought came this one: He loves ME more that I love Isaac. That one sorta surprised me. I am terribly thankful that I have known that I am loved, every single day of my life. It is my desire to pass that gift, at least, on to my 3.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to Vent: Rants and Pet Peeves

I've had this blog in mind for a while so I decided that today is the day I'll post it.
I'm going to tell a couple of my pet peeves and then you can leave a comment agreeing with those (or agreeing with a previous commenter) or you can list a couple of the things that irritate you the most. One rule: please don't use the word 'hate' I don't want it to become a hate-filled post but rather a post that lets us air our grievances to whomever might read.

Most of mine have to do with driving:
1: I don't like it when people drive under the speed limit. If it's 45, let's drive least
2: When I see the light turn green up ahead of me, it irritates me when I still have to stop at the light because the car that was first in line wasn't paying attention.
3: At walmart, it bothers me when the person in from of me carries out their entire transaction on the left side of the cash register instead of going on down to the card scanner thingy where there is a little shelf for wallets, etc. If they would move down I could get my stuff unloaded faster!!!

We'll see what other things 'stick in our craw' . I'll keep this post up for a few days and then post a new one so that we (I) aren't tempted to dwell on these small aggravations but I thought venting them wouldn't hurt.

Take care and have a great week