Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Past Time

Hello Everybody (or all 2 of you who check my blog from time to time!)

It is well past time for an update! It has definitely been frenzied around here since we started back to school and while there technically has been time for me to update my blog, for some reason I haven't. I've come to see that sometimes I feel like I NEED to post and other times I don't, hence the long gaps. So today, the thoughts of ,"I should blog about that." have piled up and so I need to let y'all know what's new.

The most significant thing, obviously, is that we have started back to school. This has been a relatively smooth transition this year. The biggest negative is that it took Ethan a couple of weeks to adjust to not having rest time in 1st grade like he did in Kinder! Bless him. He really enjoys a nap from time to time and we do have regular Quiet Time at our house on the weekends (and all summer) so he is just used to a break I guess. He has gotten over his grumpies after school, for which we are all thankful. He also had to adjust to homework 3 nights a week which consists of much more writing than he had last year. He is now taking his homework to do by himself in his room at his desk, so that's an improvement too. Ethan has a great (and I mean GREAT) teacher this year. Her name is Mrs. Jacobs and I've known her for a few years now. She is also a member at our church which is so cool. She's really sweet and very tender to our kids. Ethan and his best friend from kindergarten are sitting right next to each other so, ya know, it just doesn't get much better than that! I am on the PTO board at Ethan's school (again) and so I'm up there all the time and see him frequently. It's all good!

Isaac also is sitting next to his very best friend, Sam, in his 4th grade class! These boys were in 2nd grade together and were across the hall from each other last year. Sam's mom and I are glad they're back together, although we both know it's only a matter of time til they're separated! Isaac's teacher, Mrs. Hart is brand new, both to our school and to teaching. She graduated from A&M recently (a fact that Eric teases her about) and they have just (as in they're closing on they're house tomorrow) relocated here. Mrs. Hart and her husband were at Meadowbrook on this past Sunday! She grew up in the churches of Christ and had asked me for directions at the meet the teacher night before school started. It was neat to see them and Isaac was very surprised! It is going to be really neat if both my boys have teachers who go to church with us! So great.

Jaylie and I are at home together for the last year. We're doing fun girl things like play with the dollhouse and color a lot. I opted to not send her to preschool this year and so we do 'school' at home a few days a week. She is so ready for kindergarten it isn't even funny. Her birthday is Thursday and she'll be 5! Because she's up at school with me so much, she's going to be a very experienced kindergartener. The teachers all know who she is. Mrs. Rigsby (the principal) loves on her whenever she gets the chance. She's going to have a blast next year. But for this year, we're enjoying our time together.

Eric and I head to NYC in 2 weeks for our big trip! We are celebrating his graduation from grad school and our 15th anniversary (which happened Aug. 5 and I forgot to blog about!) I'm pretty sure I'll feel the need to post about Jaylie's 1st birthday party and our trip so I shouldn't be away too long. I hope everyone has had a great start back to the school year. Many blessings on the adventures your kids (and you) will have!