Monday, November 24, 2008

Prayers please

I'd just like to send a mass request for prayer out there. My Granddaddy is doing very poorly. Please remember the Morrow families in your prayers over these next few weeks. These things are always much harder around the holiday season. It's hard to get real excited about some things when you have a sadness hanging over you.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I can see that it is definitely time for an updated post. Sorry about the long absence. I'm sure the dozens of readers I have have been disappointed all this time seeing the same old post up there.

The truth is, I have had little to inform you of. I am beginning to feel that drowning feeling one starts to notice when the calendar gets fuller and fuller and you realize there are more and more gifts to get and the Christmas fund is getting smaller and smaller...On the other hand, I did fill up the van for $28 today. $1.66/gal!!! How 'bout that?

Next week the boys are out of school all week for Thanksgiving and I am so ready for that. I'm not a mom who gets a little tired of having kids home during holidays, mainly because Isaac almost never complains of being bored. Because he's kind of a home body anyway, being in doing game-y sorts of things doesn't get old. And they (all 3 of them) have gotten pretty good about getting up and doing their own thing and letting me sleep in the morning. Of course, this will be the first time we've had Gretchen during one of these holidays and she, unfortunately, seems to be a morning dog. We'll see how we fare. For those of you who have wondered, Eric is tolerating Gretchen very gracefully, and for that I am thankful. She has sort of broken out of her super-calm shell that she had when she first came home with us and that has taken us by surprise. She is very playful and uses her bark more often than we would like. She still does not bark at Eric when he comes home which is wonderful. She is trainable and we are working on things like jumping and stuff like that. I know that having a nice-mannered dog is essential so I am being persistent in the training. The kids enjoy her a lot and she is learning how to play with them in an acceptable manner.

I think that I'll stop now. I know this wasn't terribly informative, but I felt the need to touch base here. I hope you are all well.

Enjoy the season

Monday, November 3, 2008

Up to speed

Hello everybody!
I am back from our wonderful trip to Nashville. It is so beautiful up there in the fall. As I was loading pictures a minute ago, I was wondering why on earth I didn't take pictures of the trees and hills and things like that. The answer is because I never think of such things as they happen. I always am wishing I had, though.
This is really meant to be a short, picture-filled post since I haven't posted any in a good long while.
Eric had a long, I mean really LONG, week of school. While he was hard at work in the classroom, me and the kids hung out with my sister-in-law, her hubby Brad (when he was around and not writing with soon-to-be famous artists), my nieces: Audra and Carmen, and my in-laws. We had a great time. When we left here, Ethan was getting over a cold that Jaylie caught and got over while we were there and then Isaac caught a couple of days before we came home. He had a 103 fever when we got here last night. Needless to say, he's missing MORE school.
We had a great time trick-or-treating with everyone (except Eric, he was in class til 9:30 that night) The kids got lots of candy and the weather was great. One of the houses we stopped at had a snake lady (as in, she had a live snake on her head for the kids to pet. She had to hurry up and get back inside because one of her other snakes had apparently gotten loose!) Another house had 2 rather large (and very friendly) dogs answer with their owners. They were in costume. The giant Samoyed was the Big Bad Wolf, complete with top hat. We were followed for the first half of the hike by a friendly cat named Peter. It was quite the animal kingdom out there in Brentwood. What a WILD place!

Princess Jaylie

Ninja Ike

Spiderman Ethan

I hope everyone had a great halloween. I also hope everyone goes out to vote tomorrow. I'll write more soon.


PS: These pictures just crack me up. I find the outfit and the yellow dump truck a funny combination. I think you may have to click on them to get the full effect.