Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back At It

Here is the obligatory 1st day of school picture of Isaac.

Ethan was in no mood to be photographed before school started, so I'll take one tomorrow. I do, however, have some pictures of him, happy, at lunchtime, and all 3 of them, still happy, at Sno Biz, where we went to celebrate the end of the first day.

It was such a great day. Eric took Isaac to school, since he now attends an upper elementary school that is further away from our house. I'll miss getting to walk with him, but it will be nice Dad-time for him and Eric to share the ride over there. He was pretty excited about school. We met his teacher the night before and couldn't be more pleased. She seems exactly what he needs. We're looking forward to a great 3rd grade year.

Ethan's day didn't start out all that great. He was very upset to be going yesterday morning and I was worried that we'd have a big scene when we got to school. But he did GREAT! He is in the best possible situation a kids can have in kindergarten. 1st of all, his very best gal pal, Bella Rose, is in his class. She is the daughter of our youth minister at church and they are great friends. They've been friends since we got here and he was 18 months old or so. 2nd, the assistant in his class is also a sweet lady from church. She is the 2year old sunday school teacher who both Ethan and Bella had. Ethan knows her well. 3rd, his teacher is wonderful. Having been up at school a lot over the past few years, I was confident that he would do fine in any classroom, but I am so happy he has Mrs. Fonville. She's going to be great for him. So he was fine when Jaylie and I left him. Then we went back at lunchtime to help all the kindergarteners with lunch procedures. Many of them haven't ever opened a milk carton or carried their lunch tray, so we get parents to come help during the 1st week of school. Ethan was happy to see us (Eric and my mom also came up) and Jaylie was excited to get to sit with him at his table. After school, he was so excited to see us again, but probably more excited to see Gretchen on her leash. He thought it was pretty neat to be picked up with Gretchen in tow.

All in all, it was a great day. It was long, that's for sure, especially with church last night. But they did great. The kindergarteners are divided up by alphabet the first 2 days so he is off today. Tomorrow he'll go again with his whole class. He said earlier, "Mom, I can't wait for tomorrow. I really like school!" Music to my ears...

In case you're wondering what Jaylie and I are doing without boys in the house, here ya go:

She starts ballet classes Sept 8 and can talk of little else. I think she's going to be great...

Enjoy the weekend

Much Love

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

14 Years

Well, it's been a long time of no posting, huh! So sorry. I have no excuses, really. I just haven't done it. There's a lot of stuff I haven't done this have a problem with following through, apparently.

There's one thing I don't have trouble remaining committed to and that is my marriage. Today, Eric and I celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! Being married to Eric is as natural as breathing to me. He is such a blessing to me. He's my best friend and is such a great Daddy to our children. Eric is an example to so many people who don't know him nearly as well as I do...but he's also an example to me.

One thing I have accomplished this summer is moving Isaac upstairs into his own room. This has resulted in me having to find new homes for LOTS of other things that had been up there. In this process, I uncovered our wedding book. It is neat to go back and look through all those memories. I saved a hand full of congratulations cards and one of them said, "Let me be the first to wish you happy 50th anniversary. I know you'll make it." I remember thinking, then, that 50 years is a REALLY long time. We're not even half-way there yet, but these 14 years have flown by. They've been full of moves and babies and new experiences and friends and family...and just so full of love. We are blessed in one another.

At our 50th anniversary, we'll only be 68 and 69...maybe we'll squeeze 15 more anniversaries out of this life. And then on toward eternity with each other. I have been struck recently with the scripture that we all know: "Therefore what God has joined, let man not separate." I have been comforted that my life on earth is but a breath, and when God joins, He probably doesn't do it temporarily. So I'm happy to be joined with Eric while we are here...happier still to be joined with him forever.