Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I have realized that I needed to update my blog for quite sometime now. I was looking at the previous post thinking that too much had happened and I just simply write a post that would fill everyone in on what's been going on in the month (almost) since then. I'll try to hit the high points.

* On May 22, my parents took off with the kids to Galveston. Eric and I joined them on the 24th so we had a mini-staycation and a peaceful 9 hour drive to TX. Our week at the beach was marvelous. The weather was great. The beach was so uncrowded as to almost be deserted, and Schlitterbahn was fabulous. Everyone had a great time.

* On May 29, Eric and my dad drove the kids home and mother and I went to Beeville to be there for the movers. My Grandmother's house sold and she had decided to move to a retirement community in San Antonio. It has all worked out really well. After the movers were done we went on to San Antonio and helped with the move in. I flew home on June 1. Gotta love Southwest Airlines.

* This past week found me just trying to keep my head above water, it seemed. Eric had done a magnificent job of keeping the laundry done the pantry stocked and the house clean. (He had the unpleasant task of doing all the post vacation laundry and all the grocery buying since we'd been gone for a week and the cupboards were empty. The house was very neat when I got home...He's so great) I managed to go until Friday before hitting Walmart...that's saying quite a bit.

* Then this past weekend Eric and I sang in the wedding of a sweet couple at church. We wish Craig and Cindy a wonderful happy life together.

* And NOW, we're in the midst of VBS week. I'll be glad when it's over only because then it seems like my days won't be as planned. The kids are having a great time, and I am too. I'm ready for a little less structure to my days:)

Things we're looking forward to:

~My sister-in-law, Dawn, and her family will be coming to visit in a couple of weeks.
~The first week in July we'll be in Nashville hanging out with family while Eric is in class at Lipscomb.
~The second week in July, Eric and Isaac will be at church camp. We'll make a few trips up there to see them but my days will be different, that's for sure.

After church camp, it'll be about 3 weeks left of summer. We start on Aug. 12 this year. Isaac is real excited about 3rd grade, which is a plus. Ethan is moderately excited (but very unsure) about kindergarten. Jaylie's not going to know what hit her when these boys are out of the house. She gets to take ballet starting in Sept. and I know she's going to love that.

Consider yourself updated. I'll do better in the future. As soon as I download pictures, I'll post 'em.


Oh yeah, I'm back on facebook at least through out the summer. I figured I could manage my time with it a bit better. We'll see how it goes after school's back in. So feel free to visit me over there too.