Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Duck Song(s)

These 3 videos are my kids' latest youtube obsession

Not sure why it's so addictive but they think it is hilarious and the tune is kinda catchy...

have fun

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures would be nice

Thought I'd start adding some pictures. If you have read my previous 2 posts, you'll know what you're looking at. See what I mean about context? (the first picture of the rainbow is just for was so neat)



Well my last post told about Lent and Easter which I think brought us to the first weekend in April. The rest of April was pretty routine. Routine as in busy with school and church and Eric frantically trying to complete research papers and reading assignments; you know, that kind of routine. Well May was a complete blur...particularly the first 2 weeks of May. Let me sum up:

* At long last, Eric graduated with his Masters of Arts degree in Theology on May 8. We all (the 5 of us and my parents) went to Nashville to watch him walk. Mom and Dad stayed with Eric's folks and we stayed at Dawn and Brad's so the kids could play. My oldest niece, Audra, had just had her 10th birthday the day before we got there and Ethan's 6th birthday was on Sunday the 9th AND Mother's Day was also that Sunday. It was quite the weekend of celebrations. We got to leave all 5 kids with a babysitter that Sat. of graduation to have a wonderful meal at a nice restaurant and some sweet friends from here (who now live in the Nashville area) were able to join us. I left that weekend feeling very blessed and thankful.

* The very next weekend was Ethan's birthday party here at our house and also Jaylie's first ever ballet recital. Jerry and Joyce came down here for that weekend of more celebrations. We had a lot of fun. Ethan enjoyed his friends and his party. Jaylie's recital was beautiful. It was just another wonderful weekend.

* The rest of the month consisted of state testing at Isaac's school, end of the year Fun Days, Field Days and parties. The day school let out, my parents took the kids on to Galveston. We followed them on Sunday after church. So Eric and I had a couple of days of eating out and seeing a movie and just doing whatever we wanted, which is always nice. Unfortunately, mom and dad wound up having to handle the first-ever Livingston kid stitches. Ethan busted his head on my Pawpaw's dresser and gashed it open. 3 stitches, some tears and a couple of hours later, they finished their trip and got to Galveston with no more incidents.

So look, we're up to June! Now I'm just a couple of weeks off. I do have more to say than just a rehashing of our daily activities. I do think deep thoughts, but thought that I needed to get this thing up to speed, for context purposes.

Hope everyone is well and happy and managing to stay cool. Currently I'm sweating; I hate sweating. Off to the pool!

Much love

Friday, June 18, 2010

Been a while

So I guess I should quit feeling bad about my bogging irregularity and just accept that I may only blog once a quarter. Lots has happened since my last post, of course, and I think that it would take waaaay too long to do a thorough update so, here's my plan: I'm just going to take the next few posts to try to hit the highest points.

This year, I participated in Lent for the first time ever. I have never observed Lent, ever. I decided that I would give up coffee. Now, this may be small potatoes to some people but coffee (and flavored creamer) are a special treat to me; a special daily indulgence. I don't HAVE to have it, as in I don't have to have my daily dose of caffeine, but I really enjoy having coffee. As I was thinking about doing this, I didn't really think I'd have the nerve, so I didn't tell anyone. But I got up on Ash Wednesday and didn't make any coffee. Same thing on Thursday. Anyway, it went on and I got a bit more comfortable with the idea that I was giving it up. I felt really good about it because I don't think I've ever given anything up ever. That seems pretty selfish even just to write. Basically, what this says about me is that I do what I want all the time because I want to. How narcissistic is that? Every time I really wanted to have some coffee, I just thought about what Jesus gave up in the desert while being tempted; what he gave up in the day to day walk on this planet compared with the glories of heaven; what he endured during his trial and seemed kinda trite.

Anyway, for 40 days, despite some stressful definite coffee drinking moments, I didn't have a sip. All this thinking about Jesus and his sacrifice all the time really got me into the most excited mood for Easter that I have ever had. I really think this is the point of Lent, after all. But the night before Easter I set my coffee maker to start at 6 the next morning. I woke up Easter Sunday with this thought,"The tomb is empty. He has risen!" I thought about that while I showered. After I was done, I wrapped up my hair, put on my robe and went to make sure Eric was awake. "He is risen!" I said to him. "He has risen indeed.", Eric said back. I was so excited. I told him,"Wouldn't it be incredible if we were the only people on Earth who knew that? Like the ladies at the tomb that morning?" I was just giddy. I went out and made my first cup of coffee, I grabbed my bible, and went to enjoy my first cup in 40 days while I read all of the Empty Tomb accounts in each gospel. Worship was wonderful that morning. The rest of the day was restful and was the best Easter I've ever had.

That's pretty much all I have to say about that but what I've been processing since then is, "Why could I give up some very special thing to me for 40 days for Lent, but not give up other things in my life." These things would be: Eating things that aren't good for me, choosing to not exercise, choosing to not spend regular time in prayer and scripture know the drill. Having never been successful giving things up makes me wonder why I was this time. Then I think,"Because it was for Him. And those other things are just for me." Well, maybe they are and maybe they're not. I'm still processing...yes, I know I'm slow.

Hope all is well for each of you. Enjoy summer